Website Speed is main Part in modern SEO

Its main part what is the speed of your website. This time every person uses a theme by market and in this theme many types of cases and images to make loads of website. Title and description of website is matter now But so matter what is speed of sight.

Site Speed Optimization is needed to get the rank of your website in Google or other search engine. It is main matter how to work on your website to great rank.You are doing on page SEO and off page SEO but you never checked your website SEO and you are not gaining rank in Google are traffic this time you think what is the speed of my website.

The customer has read the site is lightweight and open fast in web browsers. Keywords rank in seo That time I need to increase my website speed. You know in so you need to do website speed optimization and it’s very beneficial for your website in rank + traffic booth. You Read it many SEO blog and SEO website, there written about SEO process it is sited speed is mine.


Site speed tool:- PageSpeed Insights